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Welcome to TAPCUG

TAPCUG membership is open to any interested individual or family, and an application can be printed out
by downloading the form on the - Club Information Page.

Interested individuals may attend a meeting of TAPCUG as a guest to check out the Club and then join right there.

Where are the Meetings Held?  -  Go Here

This Months General Meeting
Second Saturday of each month  - 9:30 AM
Lakewood Community Center
Demonstration This Month: FaceBook
Presented by: Luis Pérez
Raffle will follow the General Meeting

TAPCUG publishes a newsletter each month titled  Data Line.
Our Newsletter publication editor is Maggie Smith, and the Newsletter contains important information about our organization.
It also includes many important hints and suggestions to help you with computer problems, and much more.

You can view a current copy of the Data Line here on the site by clicking the Newsletter link on the Menu above.
We also make the newsletter available in PDF Format, which you will find an abbreviated copy on the Newsletter page.

You can also download the latest monthly PDF version on the Newsletter page off the menu above.

Use the club Calendar button to check the dates and times of our meetings, to include all SIG's (Special Interest Groups),
and the TAPCUG Monthly General Meeting and some of our local sister clubs.

The Links button has links to informational sites, and sites of programs that we have had presentations on at our monthly meetings.
And if you have a site you think the Club Members would like be sure to submit the link and a short explanation to the Webmaster.

Map to TAPCUG Meeting Location in Lakewood Washington:

TAPCUG is a proud member of APCUG
(Association of Personal Computer Users Group)

 TAPCUG Web Site has been awarded the awards you see above from APCUG, for 3rd. Place Medium size Groups. 2004 & 2005
We are Proud to accept these Awards on behalf of all the Members of TAPCUG, who make our club what it is today.

Tacoma Area PC Users Group Mailing Address:

PO Box 99824

Lakewood, WA 98496

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Scheduled TAPCUG SIG Meetings

  • General Meeting

    2nd Sat Each Month
    Monthly General Meeting
    Second Saturday 9:30am

  • Open Lab

    Every Friday
    Weekly Open Lab Meetings
    Every Friday, 10:00am
  • New Users SIG

    (Coming Soon)
    New Users SIG Meeting
    (Coming Soon)
  • Linux SIG

    Third Tuesday

    Monthly LINUX SIG Meeting
    Joel Carlson, Third Tuesday
  • Flight Simulator SIG

    Last Tuesday

    Flight Simulator SIG Meeting
    Curtis Porée, Last Tuesday

  • Beginning OS SIG

    Last Tuesday

    Beginning OS SIG Meeting
    John Wickliffe, Last Tuesday